About Our Company

For decades, the name “Rinehart” has been recognized for its excellence in taxidermy. Started in 1964.

Rinehart has led the way in quality, supplies, and education. With three internationally won championships in fish taxidermy, Rinehart continues to raise industry standards.

Taxidermy Process

Taxidermy is a fascinating process and the ultimate display of respect when commemorating your catch.

Each fish represents an unforgettable memory and the catch of a lifetime. Learn more about Rinehart’s handcrafted, step-by-step process in creating a trophy mount.

Statement of Authenticity


Our motto is “Taxidermy with Integrity”. Rinehart Taxidermy continues to support and represent sportsmen and their memorable experiences with the highest quality mounts and customer service. We proudly work alongside your captain and mate to recreate your catch of a lifetime.

Fish Mounts & Other Products


large & small mouth bass · trout · peacock · walleye · pike · grayling · bluegill · sturgeon · carp · catfish · etc.



billfish · sharks · Pelagic · grouper · snapper · cobia · halibut · tarpon · roosterfish · bottom · inshore · etc

Specialty Items


baitfish · turtles · exotics · certificates · tournament trophies · wood mounts · wave mounts · plaques · bill & tail mounts · etc. 

Proudly Supporting Fishermen Worldwide

Rinehart proudly works alongside captains and mates around the world to bring you the highest quality, custom, fish mounts. The crews and our helpful team of staff are working together to make sure you have an experience of a lifetime and ensure the best in customer care.

Rinehart Team

At Rinehart Taxidermy, your fish will pass through the hands of fishermen, biologists, painters, taxidermists, finishers, inspectors, craters, and more! Meet those behind the scenes and who bring your fish to life! 

Top Taxidermy Questions

You just caught the fish of your dreams! Or maybe you just ordered the perfect trophy fish for a special someone. Now what? Click below to read some of the most commonly asked taxidermy questions. 

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