Rachycentron canadum

We know at Rinehart that each fish comes with its own story and individual colors. This Cobia is no different.


Look at the rich white in along the belly, the darker stripes that line her body, and the soft browns along her back. All cobias have a similar color pattern, but the hues of bronzes, oranges, greens, browns, and blacks will vary (their colors darken during spawning season).


These fish are like big puppies with a strong curiosity that will have them swimming with no fear, right up to the boat. You will find them searching for food in inlets, bays, mangroves, and offshore structure. Although they have been known to eat fish, their diet consists mostly of crustaceans. 


These cool fish can be found in the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of Virginia to Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico. You can also find them in Australia.  The spawning season varies depending on where on where you find them. Starting around late June and ending in August cobia spawn in the Atlantic. The season is later in the summer in the Gulf of Mexico. The females tend to be longer than the males and both sexes live to roughly 15 years old.

These fish are the only representative of their genus. A truly unique fish that lacks a swim bladder and spends most of its life on the surface. Even when they are young, their eggs are left to float with the current until they hatch. Until their little eyes and mouths develop, they exist among the plankton.