Coryphaena hippurus

These fish are known for their crazy colors! When calm and relaxed dorados display light blues with dark spots and a yellow tail. When they are excited, they change to intense yellows, greens and blues. Dorado grow incredibly fast and live up to 5 years. They are capable of reproducing at 4 to 5 months old and during spawning season they are capable of releasing 33,000 to 66,000 eggs each time!

They are top predators that feed in surface waters during the day. Dorado are known for eating everything including small pelagic fish, juvenile tuna, invertebrates, billfish, jacks, pompano, and pelagic larvae or nearshore, bottom-living species.

Dorados are found in the Pacific and Western Pacific and are caught from California to Hawaii and the U.S. Pacific Island territories. On the East Coast, they are found in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean, and are caught from Massachusetts to Texas.

Predators include large tuna, marine mammals, marlin, sailfish, and swordfish.