The octopus is a Cephalapod along with the cuttlefish, squid, and nautilus. They are a mollusc known for their eight limbs with over 300 species identified. They hunt their prey using their incredible eyesight and sharp beak to tear apart their meal. The siphon has two purposes; used for propelling them through the water and for respiration.

One of the coolest traits of an octopus, is how they can contort their body to squeeze through tiny gaps and fit into the tiniest crevasses. They are also incredibly smart! Octopuses are among the most intelligent and complex of all invertebrates.

Once an octopus has fully matured, their lives are short-lived. The male dies after using an arm adapted to deliver a bundle of sperm to the female’s mantle cavity. A female will live just long enough protect her fertilized eggs in her den until they hatch. After that, their offspring are on their own.

These magical creatures can be sighted along tidal regions, the open pelagic water, and the deep-sea floor.