Nematistius pectoralis

The roosterfish is found from coasts of Baja California down to the beaches of Peru. This popular game fish attracts fishermen from all over the world to places like Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. They get their name due to their unique dorsal fin, resembling that of a rooster’s comb.

Pound for pound, it is one of the strongest fighting fish! These amazing hunters chase their prey into the shore where you will see their comb break through the waves. You can fish from them from the shore or by boat. Either way, you will never forget your first rooster!

The swim bladder of a rooster penetrates the brain through the large foramina and makes contact with the inner ear. This adaptation allows for the swim bladder to amplify sounds. This helps greatly when this fish spends much of its time living within the waves and rocky coasts. When the waters are murky and mixed with sand among the crashing waves, the rooster can still detect their prey and avoid dangerous situations.