Sailfish are known by sportfishermen for their fast speed and massive dorsal fin. They are an aggressive eater and put up one hell of a fight when hooked!


When feeding, sailfish will work in groups to target a school of bait. They circle their prey into a tight bait ball and then with their bills, they slash through the school injuring as many small fish as they can. The sail on a sailfish is usually kept folded down when swimming and raised when hunting to confuse intimidate their prey.


The success of injuring their prey is quite low with each pass, so hunting in large groups helps ensure the success of the hunt for sailfish. The injured bait is left swimming towards the back of the school and make it easier for the sailfish to pick them off. Their first pass is to injure their prey while the second pass is to feed.


Like other pelagic fish, sailfish change color. Many scientists believe that they do so when feeding, or to communicate with one another. Their blue and purple sails and vibrant stripes make them a popular trophy fish for any angler.